Quick keys

The quick keys available in Math Notepad are listed below. This can make working with Math Notepad even easier and faster.

Key Description
Ctrl+A Select all text on the current line.
Ctrl+C Copy the currently selected text to the clipboard. If no text is selected, the answer from the current line is copied to the clipboard.
Ctrl+D Duplicate the current line.
Ctrl+Del Delete the current line.
Ctrl+Enter Recalculate the current line.
Ctrl+Insert Insert a new line before the current line.
Ctrl+V Paste the text from the clipboard.
Ctrl+X Cut the currently selected text and copy it to the clipboard.
Ctrl+Z Undo last action.
Redo last action.
Shift+Arrow Up
Shift+Arrow Down
Select multiple lines. The selected lines can be cut (Ctrl+X), copied (Ctrl+C), pasted (Ctrl+V), or deleted (Del or Backspace).
Shift+Enter Insert multiple lines in a single input box.